The CLEF team envisions a Chicago-wide support system where community members have access to free legal services in various sectors of need. To bring us closer to this goal, we have created a community lawyer system that began through partnerships with the Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Public Libraries. While our work is not privatized to only those communities, they have created the bridge between our services and areas in need. The partnerships have allowed us to create a network with students, families, insitutions and community organizations. 

Our Work

CLEF offers free legal services in areas like immigration, housing, criminal record expungement.  We work with those in the community to pin-point the areas of need and how our services can be specifically tailored to the community’s need including (but not limited to): 

  • DACA Workshops: These are presentations given to students, parents and community members who are interested in either learning more of the DACA application or figuring their own eligibility for the program. 
  • DACA applications: Our attorney and staff are trained to guide clients through the application process (whether its a new or renewal application). The final overview is solely given by our accredited lawyer.
  • Immigration: We offer free legal services in regards to visas, emancipation, advance parole, and other areas.  
  • Housing: We guide clients to the proper resources, funds and/or centers to reach out to. 
  • Know Your Rights Trainings: The focus of these trainings vary depending on the focus the community needs: immigration, housing, etc. 


While we are not currently holding weekly in-person legal clinics, our attorney and staff have given workshops and worked with various entities across the city

Kelly High School

Westinghouse College Prep

ACERO High Schools

Marine Leadership Academy

Marine Leadership Academy Law Clinic

CPL- Back of the Yards Branch

Little Village Lawndale High School

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