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The Chicago Law and Education Foundation provides free legal services to low-income students and their families. Our attorney has adapted remote practices and in-person meetings when the COVID restrictions allow. A family’s technology knowledge varies per household, therefore our attorney and board ensure our programming is inclusive of all levels while still providing the best version of our services. 

CLEF is a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit Organization

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“Having an attorney in school that offered free legal services allowed my parents to keep our home. We were losing our home because we had variable interest on our mortgage and we were beginning to fall behind on payments. The services provided by the attorney in my school guided us through a process that culminated in restructuring the mortgage in a way that was feasible for my parents. This in turn led to us being able to afford my college education.”
“I was being sexually harassed at my job by one of the employees. This did not interfere with my school work, however, it interfered with my performance at work. I did not feel comfortable around this man. When I spoke to my manager and did not get an adequate response, I sought help outside of work. This is where having an attorney at school and receiving free legal services was beneficial. I did not have to pay absurd amounts of money or travel very far to receive legal advice. I spoke to the attorney, and was referred to another attorney, and both helped me with my sexual harassment case.”
“The issue I received help with was a sexual harassment blackmail case. A man was sending me pornographic pictures of himself and was also threatening me that he would post pictures of me (which he had without my consent) online. This continued for more than a year. I did not know how to make him stop, so I spoke to the attorney at school to receive legal advice. The man has stopped blackmailing me and it has greatly reduced my anxiety.”
“I come from a low income family of three children. All three of us needed legal assistance to fill out the DACA application. If it wasn’t for the help we received at school we would of never done it because the process is stressful and having someone helping you, showing you what steps to take, made everything easier. In addition, it added stress to my parents because like any Illegal parent they came here to give us a better future and they knew that DACA will be a great opportunity.

However, it was stressful for them because they didn’t know how to help us. But knowing that there was someone professional and trustworthy helping us made them feel more comfortable and it reduced the level of stress. Personally, I am very thankful my parents didn’t have to pay anything for my application because I received financial aid from the legal clinic. I will be forever grateful because it was a great help, given the fact that if I didn’t receive the help my parents would of have to pay for my application and for the application of my two siblings.

I have a great passion for school but knowing the struggles we face it made me worry sometimes and it made me think of not going to college because I knew it will be hard for my parents to afford my education and the education of my sister. However, when I was able to work my worries faded because although my pay is low I still have a way to help my parents…in some way. And all of that is due to DACA and I filled out DACA because of the legal aid I received. My family and I owe the legal aid at my high school more than we can imagine. We are forever grateful and I wish there was a way I can repay them…one day.”